Business Intelligence Analyst

It is a kind of technology which can give the right data to the right people. Big data is also a part of BI ,and it is used to store very important data. Business Intelligence helps to improve the business methodologies. Or we can say that business intelligence is a process that gathers our business information, processes it, and gives the intelligence decision that expands our business boundaries. The Term Business Intelligence Analyst is used for the expert of the Business Intelligence process.
Take an example to understand the process of business intelligence, we observe the actions of customers, needs of customers, analyze the buying decisions of our clients, we collect all these data and process this data to transform into the meaningful information and these all process is done with the help of BI.
From Small Company to Giant Multinational Corporation, every organization is using BI to grow their business and sales.
There are numerous BI courses available on the internet but many are worthless or fraudulent or offering Business Intelligence courses at a very costly price. Business Analyst Classes institute is glad to offering you a market up-to-date BI course at a very economical budget.

Business intelligence analyst

Business Intelligence curriculum

The curriculum of BI course consists of:

  • Introduction to Structured-Query Language SQL
  • Fundamentals of Tableau
  • Boost your resume
  • Will teach you how to analyze & visualize the data with standard practices
  • Dashboards & Reports
  • Analyze the Market pitch and its condition and keen observation on your competitor
  • Brief Introduction of Excel, Python, R, Spark, Hadoop
  • Brief overview of Big Data and Data Science
  • Will cover the Conceptual and theoretical parts of Database and RDBMS
  • And other latest tools will be discussed in our syllabus

We will touch other things like how to transform data into meaningful information? How to gather data to perform statistical analysis? How to apply descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to business models and how to build business intelligence solutions? All these areas will be the part of your BI course.

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