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Business Intelligence is an umbrella term used for different infrastructures and tools used to analyze information. Business Intelligence Analysts process and analyze business data to provide information in a simplest way that is easy to understand by other people involved. The term BI represents a bundle of systems and tools that are used to facilitate the whole decision-making process within an organization

Are you interested in being a part of this field? Are you looking forward to enrolling in any online Business Intelligence training?

Business Analyst Classes offers the best Business Intelligence training and job placement opportunity to help you gain industry related knowledge and in-demand skills. We help our candidates to learn in a flexible environment and implement their learning in real-time projects and case studies. Our online Business Intelligence training is especially designed for beginners to help them learn emerging tools and techniques of this ever-changing industry. Get enrolled today in our Business Intelligence training and job placement program and move towards a successful career right away!

Business intelligence analyst

Online Business Intelligence Training Curriculum

The curriculum of BI course consists of:

  • Introduction to Structured-Query Language SQL
  • Fundamentals of Tableau
  • Boost your resume
  • Will teach you how to analyze & visualize the data with standard practices
  • Dashboards & Reports
  • Analyze the Market pitch and its condition and keen observation on your competitor
  • Brief Introduction of Excel, Python, R, Spark, Hadoop
  • Brief overview of Big Data and Data Science
  • Will cover the Conceptual and theoretical parts of Database and RDBMS
  • And other latest tools will be discussed in our syllabus

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