SRE Course and Job Placement

SRE is an abbreviation used for Site Reliability Engineering. SRE is developed by Google to manage services. It is a method to measure and achieve reliability using operations and engineering works. SRE makes the system more reliable and reduces the amount of system breakdowns. It helps the companies to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Business Analyst Classes offer the best SRE training and job placement opportunity to help you gain industry related knowledge and in-demand skills. We help our candidates to learn in a flexible environment and implement their learning in real-time projects and case studies. Our online SRE training is especially designed for beginners to help them learn emerging tools and techniques of this ever-changing industry. Get enrolled today in our SRE training and job placement program and move towards a successful career right away!

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Online SRE Training Curriculum

  • Introduction to SRE Professional

  • Applying SRE Principals

  • SRE concepts like SLO, SLA, SLI, Error Budgets

  • Storage and Data Management

  • SRE Team Models and Networking

  • Compute Infrastructure

  • Security and Compliance

  • Reliability and Resiliency

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