Tableau Training and Job Placement

Tableau is a software company that produces interactive data visualizations with a focus on Business Intelligence.Tableau products inquire about online analytical processing cubes, spreadsheets, cloud databases, and relational databases to produce graphical data visualizations.Tableau can also extract, store, and recapture data from a data engine.

Are you thinking of starting your career as a Business Analyst? If yes, then you must gain relevant skills and knowledge. But how can you find the best online Tableau training?

Business Analyst Classes offers the best Tableau training and job placement opportunity to help you gain industry related knowledge and in-demand skills. We help our candidates to learn in a flexible environment and implement their learning in real-time projects and case studies. Our online Tableau training is especially designed for beginners to help them learn emerging tools and techniques of this ever-changing industry. Get enrolled today in our Tableau training and job placement program and move towards a successful career right away!

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Online Tableau Training Curriculum

  • Introduction to Tableau

  • Introduction to data warehouses, spreadsheets, and data sets

  • Real-time data exploration with Data Integration

  • Creation off exceptional business solution

  • Data Interpreter, Pivoting, and Automatic & Custom Split

  • Business need identification

  • The Data Source Page

  • Connect to Tableau Server

  • Data extract formats and capabilities

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