Will the future be taken over by robots?

We can see that every day we are introduced to a kind of technology, better than the previous one. The world is focused on an efficient working environment now, and robots are being designed to perform the work of an employee in an organization with precision and efficiency. 

With the speed at which automation is spreading in organizations with sophisticated technologies, robots will be the new rulers. And under their reign, some jobs in the world will become completely obsolete. 

Now the question arises if the jobs of business analysts will become obsolete with the AI invasion.

Duties of a Business Analyst

To know if the robots can replace the role of a business analyst, we must first know what their actual duties are.

  • Analyze the business process, evaluate and anticipate the requirements of the business and the needs of the stakeholders. 
  • Team up with the project stakeholders and prioritize the requirements and decide the goal and vision of the whole project. 
  • Gather the data from meetings with stakeholders and generate useful reports.
  • Maintain cost-efficiency by reducing project costs.
  • Communicate and translate the requirements of the business stakeholders to the IT staff.
  • Create all the documents and a whole project lifecycle and maintain it by updating all the requirements and status of the project with time. 
  • Analyze and create effective and efficient strategies and provide creative solutions for the needs of the stakeholders. 

These duties require thinking according to the given situations. It can be get done by robots and with the help of AI to some extent, but still requires humans as this field is people-oriented. It acts as a bridge to fill the gap between the clients and the IT staff. Machines can analyze data and provide solutions, but humans can comprehend the task and provide better solutions as per the situation and the need of the time ingeniously.

Is Artificial Intelligence Really A Threat Or An Opportunity For Business Analysts?

Artificial intelligence is not the doom of the business analysts but rather a door of opportunity for them to enhance their current skills and competencies and put them to use efficiently with the help of emerging technologies if the valuable skills of the business analysts are applied to AI in an impactful manner. AI is no more bandwagon but rather a quick scheme to survive in today’s agile environment. AI, with the help of pattern learning and algorithms, can come up with quick solutions for business analysts by saving their time and cost and giving them extra ideas. 

Take Away 

AI can do everything. A machine has got it all if designed perfectly but what it lacks is one thing. There is one thing that only a human is possible to have. And that is creativity. It can collect more data and big inputs; it can analyze and give numerous suggestions with the help of data insights. But it cannot provide creative and innovative solutions for times when the business is really stuck at a point. This is the only thing that gives humans an edge. So the role of Business Analysts remains vital in the future as well. Integrating AI and BA in a well-structured combination can lead to amazing things in the future.

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